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Thanks for stopping by! We are the original founder and owners of Brickyard Buffalo and long time business partners. We're entrepreneurs and moms who geek out on deals, tech and life hacks.


Brickyard Buffalo launched in 2012, bringing you on-trend daily deals from the best vendors around. In 2018, we sold the company to focus on some new entrepreneurial opportunities that continue to keep us busy today. (We plan to share more about these here soon.)


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Brickyard Buffalo has landed back in our hands and we’re thrilled to be back! While we don’t currently have anything listed for sale, we have big plans in store and hope to very soon!


In the meantime, we plan to do what we do best — find you the latest sales, products and trends while sharing some never-failing life hacks.


Thank you for your support and sticking with us as we gear up to bring you the Brickyard Buffalo products you’ve grown to know and love! We promise it will be worth the wait!




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