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Editorial and Disclosure Policy:


At Brickyard Buffalo, our goal is to help readers find the best deals and connect them with the latest life hacks. Part of how we do that is recommending products and shops we support and recommend. You can find more information on our editorial process, including how we pick products and places, and how we may be compensated through our content.

Editorial Process

Our main goal as a daily deal website is to find life hacks and the latest sales and bring them to you. That may be by finding you the latest clothing sale, recommending fun activities to do with you kids  or gift guides to help you with some holiday shopping.

In any case, we’re committed to useful, accurate and practical information. We pride ourselves on our trying and testing product and making sure we love something before we promote it.

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

In our blog posts, we may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through our links.

This doesn’t affect which products are included in the articles. All of the products we choose are recommended for their quality, performance and our genuine opinion, regardless of any affiliate relationships.

If we receive a product to review directly from brands, it’s noted in the review itself, though most of the product we feature is purchased by us to try first. Any brands or products that pay for promotion or advertising on the site is considered “Sponsored.”

Amazon Associates & Other Programs

As an Amazon Associate, Brickyard Buffalo may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from



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