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A Go-To Cancer Care Package in a Snap!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We all {unfortunately} know someone who is battling cancer and we have complied the perfect care package to help ease their pain. Check it out!

// Water Bottle // Rubik's Cube // Coloring Pencils // Plush Blanket // Eye Mask // Neck Pillow // No-Scent Faux Plant // Dry Mouth Oral Rinse // Scent-less Lotion // Chapstick Hydration // The Way I Heard It Book // River of Doubt Book // Nail Polish // Coloring Book // Comfy Socks // Cozy Sweatshirt // Plush Cardigan //

For some added LUXURY, give your loved one a Minky Couture blanket. Nothing feels more cozy and comforting than a goooood blanket.

And to tip the luxe scale over the top, splurge on some Cozy Earth pajamas or sheets for your courageous cancer fighter. No one wants to sit in a bed all day, let along in a bed that isn't pure heaven in fabric form.



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