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Got headaches? Me too!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Headaches are the worst, right? Thankfully, there are a lot of gadgets out there that have helped me and I'm here to share my favorites with you! Before jumping in, I want to mention that physical therapy has been the #1 thing that has helped me reduce the number and severity of my headaches. A lot of people don't know that physical therapy is an option for headaches and it's been a game changer for me and hope to spread the word in case it could help you, too.

After trying everything under the sun to combat my headaches, I've narrowing it down to the ones that I've found to be the most beneficial for me and hopefully can help you out as well!

First off, disposable barf bags. Why did I wait so long to buy these? Because of course nausea comes with the pain of headaches and this so much better than camping out by the toilet. Plus, super handy to keep in the car.

Shop bags HERE.

This is one of the first things that was recommended to me by a physical therapist and I've had one for more than 5 years. I still love it! It helps easily pin point tense/sore muscles in your back and neck to relieve headache causing tension.

Shop massager HERE.

This is probably one of my favorites. Slip this little clip on to your hand to hit a pressure point and relieve headache pain. It doesn't take the pain away but definitely helps! Can even be worn while sleeping. Super simple, it's worth a try!

Shop clip HERE.

An essential mineral that EVERYONE needs and so many are deficient in. This helps loosen up tight and tense muscles and some claim even help them sleep better. Your body absorbs magnesium through the skin far better than taking an oral supplement. {who knew?!} Simply spray on your skin.

Shop oil spray HERE.

If you get headaches at the base of your skull, then this will probably help you! It's a traction device that gently lifts and creates space in-between the neck vertebra to relieve tension. This was given to me by my physical therapist and has totally helped. Even if you look like a chipmunk while wearing it, it's worth it!

Shop brace HERE.

This is used to easily massage sore muscles. There are different levels and attachments and it can be used on all different muscle groups. Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this for your neck to combat headaches because its harder to control on that delicate area. BUT, I love it for other body parts. These can be expensive, linked is the best price we've seen!

Shop massager HERE.

We’d love to hear what you’ve tried and what works best when it comes to a bad headache!



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