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Purdy Succulent Pumpkins

Would you believe me if I told you these were easier to make than a batch of cookies? #truth

These pumpkins will last a couple of months (because you’re not cutting into them) and the succulents actually grow into the moss and feed off of the pumpkin. Best part, once the pumpkin starts to deteriorate, simply cut the top off and replant the succulents! These make a fun fall centerpiece or a perfect gift for a neighbor or friend!

How to make your own Pumpkin Succulents:

1. Try to choose pumpkins that are flat on top to give you more area for the succulents.

You can get succulents at most hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes. You can also order live succulents online HERE. The prices can be even better this way depending on how many you are ordering.

2. Prep the succulents by removing the dirt and trimming the roots. (Look for the larger root & keep that one!)

3. Spray the top on the pumpkin with adhesive spray. (Need Link) and simply press on the moss. We liked the look of some moss "growing" down the side of the pumpkin and did a bit of that around each pump. Link for moss HERE.

5. Start by placing 1 main (large) succulent and then build around that with the smaller cuttings. Before you glue, you can place the cuttings around the moss to find the perfect home for them.

6. When it comes time to glue, try to not get glue on the roots so they are able to grow into the moss. You can simply use hot glue. (Don't worry! Succulents are very resilient and can handle the heat.) OR you can use floral glue which doesn't harm the plants at all. (Need LINK)

7. We ended up using pops of purple faux succulents and an adorable mini witch hat. Mini Felt Witch Hats HERE. Other florals you could use to spice up your pumpkin HERE.

8. Mist your succulents with a spray bottle 2xs a week and she should last a couple of months!

These make for a pretty centerpiece and a perfect gift for a friend, neighbor or teacher! Happy crafting!



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